How to Unclog a Sink

At Blockbuster we like to provide our customers with any basic tips and advice that may reduce potential drainage and plumbing problems and therefore save you money.

How to unclog a sink
How to unclog a sink

Unclogging a sink could be a very simple task if the blockage is minor and very localised to the plug hole. 

If you are attempting to unblock the sink using a plunger:

  • Coat the edge of the plunger’s cup with vaseline (petroleum jelly) to improve suction
  • Add a couple of inches of water to the sink to also aid suction
  • Also cover the overflow holes with a damp cloth if possible to help build up pressure

Do’s & Don’ts of what to put down your sink:

  • Do not ever pour fat down sinks – over time this will solidify and lead to potentially bigger problems
  • Do not wash food debris down the sink – this will inevitably lead to a blockage
  • Make sure you regularly remove hairs from plug holes in sinks, baths and shower

For more serious blockages please do not hesitate to call us: 0800 0689282

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