6 Professional Tips on How to Unblock a Shower Drain


Blocked shower drains happen all the time and can be extremely annoying. Luckily, the following are some simple methods of unclogging a blocked drain, drain cleaning and getting the water down the drain in a free-flowing fashion:

  1. Pour hot water down the drain: Sometimes very hot water can help to break up a blockage in a drain system. It is essential to use very hot, but not boiling, water on ceramics such as a shower tray to prevent cracking – as this could leave you with a much worse situation afterwards.
  2. Cup of baking soda and vinegar: You can easily unclog a drain using equal parts baking soda and vinegar. Try putting the soda down the drain first before you get the cup of vinegar and β€˜rinse’ the drain of the shower with it. You can also leave the solution in the drain for a while and check back later.
  3. Wire coat hanger: A wire coat hanger is all you need to unblock a drain in many cases, simply bend the wire into a sort of hook (you can use the actual hook from the hanger if you like) and use it to explore the drain. Poking, pulling and pushing gently will help to release any built-up clogs.
  4. Remove and clean drain covers: Shower drains act as a filter for all that flows down the drain, so you can simply remove the covers and clean the drain. With the drain open you can try running the water down it again, which will tell you if the blockage is in the drain cover or further in the pipe.
  5. Plunger: If you have a plunger you use for the toilet you can dry using it on the drain too. The seal created by the plunger means you can suck quite forcefully and dislodge large obstructions. Oddly-shaped drains can be a challenge to access so you should remove any drain coverings beforehand.
  6. Commercial drain cleaners: If all else fails you can try buying a fairly inexpensive drain cleaner, which will be usable on showers, baths, sinks and other drains. Most drain cleaners are simply poured directly into the drain, which you may then leave for a while depending on the product.

When trying the above methods, always wear gloves. A clogged shower drain can become quite unhygienic, particularly when there is lots of standing water and all drain clogs are quite unpleasant to handle with your bare hands anyway.

We have extensive expertise in unblocking and inspecting many types of drains, so we are a fantastic resource on how to unblock a shower drain. If your drain is still not flowing freely then please make sure you get in touch with us today.

How to Unblock a Shower Drain Full of Hair

Hair build-up on shower drain

People with long hair will know full well the pain of having a large clog of their luscious locks while showering  – often stopping them from enjoying the peace and comfort of a daily bathing routine. Hair clogs are also built up over time, with other blockages from things like soap scum creating a snowball effect.

The best methods for hair removal include the coat hanger method and stronger drain cleaners, which will contain chemicals that can help break down the hair.

How to Prevent a Blocked Shower Drain

When you get in touch with our team you will see we are eager to offer a range of free advice and guidance, including many preventative strategies to help you avoid all sorts of plumbing issues.

Prevention methods for a clogged drain in the shower include the following:

  • Use a hairnet, if you have long hair this will help but even short hair can build up and cause a clog over time
  • Get a drain filter, these simple devices go over the drain and prevent the longer hairs, soap scum and other residues from going down the drain
  • Avoid oil-based products, shampoo and conditioner or certain body washes that will contain waxy, oily substances that can easily clog a drain
  • Run the shower for longer, simply letting the hot water run for a few minutes after showering can make sure all run-offs go down completely

The strategies we describe in the introduction can also be used as preventative methods and also the general maintenance of your drain. Simply using a drain cleaner once every few months can lower the chances of blockages forming.

Professional Shower Drain Unblocking

Shower drain with drain filter

Finding the source of the problem can be difficult when it comes to drainage, which is why we offer free drain surveys for all customers. Home methods are a good first step – but sometimes a professional solution is necessary, which might include high-pressure jets and the use of other advanced plumbing equipment.At BlockBusters, we can clear even the biggest blockages brilliantly! You can take advantage of our industry-leading services, which come with no call out charges. Our professional, reliable team members are available throughout the southeast of the UK. Get in touch with us to learn more and start using our brilliant services.

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