Frozen Pipes Can Cause an Insurance Headache


As the weather gets colder, a new range of potential problems comes into play. Cold, icy weather can feel festive, especially over the holiday period, but when you’re faced with ice, frozen pipes and burst drains things don’t feel so festive any longer!

Water Mains

During the festive period the last thing you want is to find that your external drains are overflowing or you have a burst pipe in the garden to deal with.

Typically in the winter time in the UK a lot of our calls are for burst water main pipework outside of properties. This common problem is mainly due to the fact that external water main pipework is not always insulated correctly if the pipework is above ground and, even if it is underground, it is not always set at the correct depth to protect it from the elements.

This means that if there is a heavy frost or prolonged freezing period, the water in the pipework can freeze (normally overnight when the temperatures drop and the water is not being used, so it is static. As the water freezes it expands which ruptures the pipework and then when the temperature gets warmer during the day or a few days later, the water begins to leak from the pipes. This is not always necessarily the obvious water spraying everywhere that you might think of; sometimes it’s just water quietly pooling on the ground somewhere around your property.

It is not always in the winter period that external water mains burst or split; this can actually happen at any time of the year. Burst pipes can be caused by movement of the ground around the pipework; in very dry weather conditions the earth tends to dry up and move and shrink and this can cause old water main pipework to rupture and split.

The good news is that normally these repairs are covered by your household insurance. As we have proved many times over, a claim can only be accepted by your insurance company if it is addressed correctly from the offset. You must have adequate proof as to the cause of the damage to the water main pipework, and you must claim on the right policy, under the right section and following all the correct procedures throughout the claim.

This can be really confusing if you’ve never had to deal with an insurance claim for burst pipes before, so we offer a free claims management service at Blockbusters to all of our customers. In the event of a burst water pipe/water main, we can attend your property, provide a report and deal with your insurance company directly on your behalf without additional charge. The repairs can then be authorised with your insurance company prior to works being completed.


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