Emergency Plumber Brighton & Hove

Why call an emergency plumber?

Here are 3 reasons you might need to call an emergency plumber in Brighton or Hove:

1. Burst pipes in Brighton and Hove

Burst water pipes are a definite reason to call an emergency plumber. Pipes usually burst in cold weather; sub-zero conditions cause the water in the pipes to freeze, and the ice can expand to the point where it cracks the pipe. Once the water begins to defrost, it can end up dripping or even spraying out of the hole created by the ice.

You might notice a burst pipe by a tell-tale puddle on the floor somewhere, or there could be water seeping through a wall in your home. Another sign there’s a problem could be that you turn on the tap and no water comes out.

If you have a burst pipe:

The first thing to do is to find the stopcock, and switch off the main water supply. In most homes, this is under the kitchen sink and looks like a tap. Turn it in a clockwise direction to stop the flow of water.

The second thing to do is to call an emergency plumber. BlockBusters offers a same day, 24-hour emergency service. Get in touch on 0800 524 4623.

2. Blocked drains in Brighton and Hove

Drains are one of those things we don’t think about until there’s a problem with them! The drainage network around your home is a series of pipes that uses gravity to draw waste liquid away from the home and into the main sewer. Problems arise when things other than liquid go down the drains. This can be fat from cooking, baby wipes, hair, or even toys children have pushed into overflow pipes! We’ve seen it all over the years!

You might think that one baby wipe or the hair from your morning shower couldn’t possibly clog a whole drain but actually these things get stuck together with soap scum and fats from cooking, perhaps tiny food particles that have been washed down the sink – and create a stucky lump that can slow water and eventually stop it flowing at all.

If you have a blocked drain:

If your drains are blocked, stop using the water supply in your home immediately or you could soon face a messy flood. Call an emergency plumber to get the blockage cleared. Here at BlockBusters we use high pressure water jets to blast away blockages. If you have a persistent blockage that keeps recurring, we can use a CCTV drain survey to see exactly what is causing the problem. It could be that a tree root has grown into a drainage pipe, and debris is regularly becoming stuck to this.

3. Blocked toilet in Brighton and Hove

A blocked toilet can be a real nightmare, no matter when it occurs. This can often be caused by too much toilet roll being flushed down the toilet, but just like with a blocked drain, there could also be a persistent partial blockage causing your toilet to block time and again.

If you have a blocked toilet:

There are plenty of DIY options for unblocking a toilet that you could try, and some of these may work on occasion. It’s often best to call in the experts though to ensure your toilet is well and truly unblocked, and the problem won’t just come back in a couple of days or weeks.


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