Why is There a Drain Smell in the House and How Do I Get Rid of It?

Drain odour

Drain smells are usually caused by sewer gas leaks or blocked drains. To fix the problem of sewer gas odours you need to identify the source of the gas leak and seal the drain. To fix a blocked drain you need to locate the blockage and clear it. Sewer gases are one of the most common plumbing problems and a sewer gas smell can be identified as being similar to rotten eggs, or an ammonia-like (hydrogen sulphide) smell.

The detection and removal of a drain smell in the house will sometimes require the services of a professional plumber who can assess the entire drainage system. But first, you are probably wondering ‘why is there a drain smell in my house?’.

The main causes of a foul odour emanating from your sewer system include the following:

  • Bad vent pipes: Modern plumbing systems use special vent traps, which help to regulate the airflow inside the pipes and manage sewer gas. If your vent pipes fail then you might begin to sense an unpleasant smell indoors.
  • Broken toilet ring: Due to the airtight seal you can create with a wax ring, bad smells are normally kept at bay in your toilet. However, the rubber seal can deteriorate and degrade over time – thus letting a smell into the house.
  • Shower floor drains: Floor drains are a common cause of a drain smell in the house. This is due to the likelihood of a build-up of material as you run the water down the drain, such as hair, soap scum and other oily products.
  • Kitchen sink: The food waste, hot water, dish soap and anything else that runs through your kitchen sink can cause buildup and blockage. Foul smells from the sink are not normally reminiscent of rotten eggs.

So, now you know the main causes of a drain smell in the house you can begin to tackle the problem. If you are unsure of where the drain smell in your house is coming from or how to get rid of it, we can help – with no call-out charges in the southeast of the UK. You will see our top services in action when you contact us.

5 Tips on How to Get Rid of the Drain Smell in My House

drain unblocking

There are a few simple ways to get rid of the drain smell in your house, which will differ slightly depending on the source. If you are unsure of where the affected drain is there is no need to worry – as some of these remedies can be used on all types of drains. 

Ways to get rid of the drain smell in your house include the following:

  1. Use bleach: Bleach can be used on every type of drain. As a disinfectant, bleach can eliminate the bacteria in drains and plumbing systems. You can give your bleach a better chance of clearing the smell by adding hot water.
  2. Pour hot or boiling water down the drain: Only use boiling water for drains without ceramic basins, such as some kitchen sinks. Hot water is still effective and can easily break up smelly blockages, so use this for ceramics.
  3. Try a drain snake: A simple piece of equipment, a drain snake, can come in handy when clearing stubborn, foul-smelling blockages. It works by extending itself along the length of the drain and can clear hard blockages.
  4. Replace the toilet ring: If the wax ring on the toilet has failed then you will not ever be able to clear the smell without replacing it with a new one! You can do this most reliably with the help of a professional plumber.
  5. Use a commercial cleaner: Buying a specialist drain cleaning product will give you the chance to clean drains and clear blockages anywhere in your plumbing system. Products include strong chemical powders and liquids.

You could alleviate the smell internally by masking it with scents, but this will not take care of the root cause – so will not completely get rid of a drain smell in the house at all! Drain smells that are not handled quickly may get worse over time.

Sewer gases are also harmful to your health and wellbeing – so you should not have any hesitation in fixing the issue. Potential problems include the following:

  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Respiratory issues
  • Burning eyes/eye irritation/redness

High amounts of sewer gases are much more likely to cause the issues described above, but for vulnerable people (such as older adults and children) it can be a significant issue. So remember, it is not always simply a matter of a bad smell.

Get a Professional Solution for a Drain Smell in the House

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As a general rule, you should aim to get rid of a drain smell in the house as soon as possible. If you have tried the above home remedies with no success or you are finding that you have persistent drain smell problems, we can help to deliver in the southeast of the UK with our industry-leading services.

Not knowing what to do or how much it will cost to fix a plumbing issue can be frustrating, which is why we have a low-cost guaranteed service for our clients. Please feel free to get in touch with our professional, highly-qualified and responsive team to fix the drain smell in your house today.

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