How Does a Septic Tank Work?

Septic systems are a type of sewage treatment method that uses a large tank – typically made from precast concrete or special types of reinforced plastic. Septic tanks work by taking the wastewater from a property and treating it inside

Is it Better to Have a Cesspit or Septic Tank?

When it comes to sewer systems a cesspit or a septic tank is one of the most common methods – seen in many places across the UK with no main sewer access. Whether you are using a septic tank or

Registration of Septic Tanks by Environment Agency

The government is planning registration of septic tanks, sewerage treatment plants and cesspit. This will be enforced by the Environment Agency. The system is already live in Wales and is planned to be in operation later this year in England.

Septic Tank Regulations and How to Make Your Drainage System Comply

If you do not have a septic system that complies with the current regulations you may be subject to fines of up to £150,000. New binding rules for all UK cesspits, septic tanks and sewage treatment plants came into force

What Can Go Wrong With a Septic Tank?

Problems with septic systems? When you have a septic tank it’s easy to forget it’s there, and just to carry on as normal – that’s what is so great about them. However, it is worth taking note of what could

Frequently Asked Questions Part 2 – Septic Tanks

The second of our Plumbing FAQ series. This time around we’ll be dealing with all those questions about Septic tanks… Q.         How do I know if my Septic tank is blocked or not? A.         The usual symptoms are the