What is a Saniflo Toilet? Everything You Need to Know

What is a Saniflo toilet system? Saniflo toilets are a type of toilet with a built-in macerator, which is a sewage pump that allows you to flush upwards and pump the waste in any direction without relying on gravity. Saniflo

Frequently Asked Questions Part 3 โ€“ Saniflo’s

The third in the Blockbusters series of Frequently Asked Questions we get from our customers. Have a burning question of your own? Ask us on Twitter Q.         What is a Saniflo? A.         Sanifloโ€™s (or similar product) or electric macerators as

Saniflo – What you need to know

Saniflos are normally installed in Domestic properties and connected to toilets where there isnโ€™t a mains drainage pipe available. This enables toilets to be installed virtually everywhere. For example, underneath stairs, in en suites or even basement/cellars. The advantage of

What is a Septic Tank? Everything You Need to Know

A septic tank is the most popular method of sewage management. A septic tank works by managing the wastewater of a sewer system, essentially functioning as a sort of filter. The tank is usually an underground chamber that treats waste

Macerator Repairs

At Blockbusters we can fix all makes and types of macerators and can provide cost effective service plans to help prevent unpleasant problems. All our Drainage Engineers have been trained to fit, service and repair all Sani Flo systems.  We

How to Unblock a Saniflo Toilet

How to Unblock a Saniflo Toilet and Other Common Problems Explained Saniflo systems enable you to install a toilet in almost any room of a building where there is access to a waste disposal pipe. The intuitive design of the