Brighton and Hove City council call in Blockbusters to install new water main

Blockbusters Contractors Limited has recently undertaken a project to supply and install a new water main and fire hydrant to a caravan site for Brighton and Hove City Council.  This water main was facilitating a number of stand pipes where caravans could pitch up and have their own designated water supply with the assurance that it is a freshly installed water mains supply linking into Southern Water’s network with all necessary double check valves fitted to ensure a fresh and clear supply.  The existing storage tank that was used on site to distribute to all the taps has been isolated and made safe.  There is a total of twenty five caravans that will be hoping to use this site.

Some of the water pipes were installed using moling equipment, which is a technique used to limit and restrict the amount of excavation works required.  To enable moling works to proceed a small excavation is carried out for a launch pit (point A) and then a second excavation is carried out at (point B) and then the mole is launched from point A through to B without the need for the lengthy excavation between.  This restricts the amount of work involved along with time and cost.

The excavation work was carried out by using three ton excavators with dumper assistance where the trench was excavated through the side of a hill to connect onto the Southern Water connection point. All groundwork would be reinstated as to how it was originally on the site and all debris cleared.

Prior to connection being made by Southern Water a full inspection is carried out of the installation including a pressure test and chlorination test which had to examined by and passed by a pathology laboratory to ensure the water is safe to drink and use.

Brighton and Hove council were pleased to re-open the site once the works had been completed and signed off.

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