BlockBusters Halloween Coffee Morning

Here at BlockBusters we like to give back to the community when we can. As a company we support several local and national charities with regular donations, but we also like to hold fundraising events from time to time. This

BlockBusters’ 30th Anniversary

On September 30th we celebrated our 30th year in business as BlockBusters. When we first started way back in 1989 I never imagined we would still be here three decades later. It’s hard to imagine working for the same company

Smelly Drains: Causes & Prevention

Smelly drains can be a real nightmare, and often hard to get rid of. We are often called out by homeowners who are fed up with a lingering bad smell coming from their drains, and they’ve done everything they can

3 Times You’ll Need a CCTV Drain Survey

A CCTV drain survey can sound like a very technical service that is only used in very specific circumstances, and not something you need for your home. Although we do use state of the art equipment for our CCTV drain

Why You Should Call a Drainage Expert for Your Blocked Drain

When a drain becomes blocked, it can be a real pain. Even a partial blockage can cause sinks in your home to drain slowly, and this partial blockage can quickly build up until pipes are completely blocked. Here at BlockBusters

Pitch Fibre Pipe Repair – what you need to know

Here at Blockbusters we are often called upon to repair pitch fibre pipes for our customers. Here is a brief guide to pitch fibre pipes, and what you can do if you have them beneath your property. Pitch fibre pipes