Cheer for good cause as Christmas Jumper Day snowballs into BlockBusters

Ho-ho-hoping to raise a sleigh load of money for the Salvation Army of St Ives, BlockBusters Drainage and Plumbing Services held a Christmas Jumper Day on Thursday 10th December. The St Ives branch of the Salvation Army sadly lost all

Rat up a Drainpipe?!

Plague of rats invading homes after population explosion brought on through Covid 19 lull The UK rat population has exploded in numbers this year, increasing exponentially after a lull in human activity due to Covid 19 restrictions. Infestations in homes

Draining Heat

There was a chance of frozen pipes when the team at our Sussex HQ scooped a visit from the ice cream van! It was certainly good way to unblock, oops, we mean unwind from the draining heat. Unfortunately, we can’t

Dodge the Bodge!

DIY Drainage and Plumbing remedies and ideas can lead to more costly repairs As a nation we all like a bit of DIY, redecorate, fix, mend and build things ourselves. Do it yourself tips are abundant all around us, especially

Safety First!

Health and Safety is paramount at BlockBusters Heath and safely, along with the wellbeing of both our customers and engineers is always at the forefront of our minds and a top priority at BlockBusters. It’s important to not only keep

‘Grate’ time of year for Hedgehogs

With spring fast approaching, hedgehogs begin to wake from their long winter hibernation. Hungry and thirsty from this fasting period, hedgehogs venture to find a water source. Which is when they can become trapped, or even worse drown in household

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