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Sewer repair is amongst the many fixes Blockbusters can offer when you encounter drainage problems. Put simply, a sewer is where waste material and water drains away to.

Most are overseen by the local water company, however many are in private possession.

These have usually been required due to the installation of a septic tank or alternative sewage system. There are a number of typical issues in this area, such as a punctured lining or broken pipe. Over time, the constant pressure and wear of water erodes even strong pipes and can lead to collapse. In less serious cases, grime and debris may build up to cause a blockage. High pressure water jetting frees up the flow to reinstate a smooth running channel.

Initial assessment ensures the right course of action on what is such a fundamental structure for many homes and businesses. Given their situation below ground, sometimes a full excavation is needed. This would be the case if a drain line had collapsed for example, requiring complete replacement. This is where our qualified and confident team come into their own, using safe methods compliant with local regulations. Our experience in this industry makes us fully aware of the rights and restrictions when working in this field. The necessary permissions are always sought should this be within a public area. For those trying to run a business whilst work continues, the stress is removed by our attention to detail and thorough planning. Strong relationships with the local authority benefit our clients directly.

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