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Sewer cleaning is something most homes and businesses will have to address. It might not make great dinner conversation, but this service is a necessity for a steady, blockage-free system.

A premises free from nasty odours and bubbling drains is easy to take for granted when things are running smoothly. For our clients, what keeps it this way is our regular sewer maintenance.

Sewers come in all shapes and sizes, from huge facilities for factories and commercial works through to home septic tanks. Our engineers carry the right equipment for the job, coming out to you with quick response and a plan of action. One key tool is our High Pressure Water Jetting, which uses water forced through a tiny gap to remove debris build-up from your pipes. The cause can vary – limescale, waste debris, tree roots and weeds – but the power of this technology removes it from the equation. There’s little the homeowner or manager can do to prevent a mounting clog of silt, but calling an expert to sort it out makes all the difference.

Choosing Blockbusters for a regular maintenance schedule can prove cost effective in the long run. Emergency call-outs are reduced as potential problems like weak spots and eroding pipes are spotted early. Using our complete service to undertake 6 monthly cleaning or more regularly if it suits you, means no middle-of-the-night calamities. With our purpose-made system of jetting and vacuuming your pipes are left clean and empty and won’t cause you any more fretting.

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