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LOCAL CALL RATE 0800 0689282

We offer a comprehensive gutter cleaning service for both domestic and commercial properties. Our GutterVac cleaning system conforms to all the latest health and safety regulations and can clean gutters up to 16 metres high.

GutterVac will clean out all leaves, sticks, mud and other debris and leave all gutters and spouts clear and free flowing.

  • Suitable for all Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties (subject to access and height restrictions).
  • No need for expensive scaffolding, eradicating the dangers associated with high level ladder usage.
  • Gutter-Cam surveying and recording to heights of 20m highlighting other structural problems such as loose, broken or missing tiles and cracked brickwork or rendering.
  • Pressure washing after Vacuuming to ensure all downpipes and gutters are free flowing.
  • Economical – The gutter clearing of the average three bedroom detached house can often be completed in 2-3 hours.
  • Gutter clearing is recommended as part of any building maintenance programme and may help to reduce any extensive repair work related to damp and water ingress.

The key benefits to our GutterVac system are:

  • Health & Safety Compliant
  • Doesn’t require scaffolding
  • Gutter camera to survey and locate problem areas
  • Fast and reliable
  • Simple with reduced costs
  • Scheduled maintenance available

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