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Blockbusters are often called out as the client has noticed water leaking at ground level. One cause of this is broken pipes, which are no longer sending water the right way. Flow is disrupted and the liquid has nowhere else to go but back to the surface.

It sounds stressful, and when it’s your home or business on the receiving end it really can be. That’s why our staff come with experience and know-how to solve this issue and many more besides it.

In some cases, the ideal way to repair drains is with a new lining. Modern methods have lead to the use of inversion technology to seal and protect the inside of pipes. Rather than apply an isolated fix to a problem spot, resin is used to create a smooth and long lasting sealed layer all the way along. Spot fixes can be temporary solutions and may create a weak joint, especially if tree roots have caused the damage in the first place. Our method uses felt infused with resin, pushed into place without the need for full excavation. Saving this time and money can be invaluable to our customers.

The use of a special tube then inverts the material, which once dry forms a durable inner shell with a consistent thickness. It prevents the intrusion of roots in the future too, making it a great investment. Flow rate can even be improved through this process, so the end result does more than just restore your former set up.

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