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Getting a new drain installed requires good product knowledge to pick the right product for the job from a crowded market. It also needs a skilled hand to set it in place and connect up the adjacent pipes.

Blockbusters have honed exactly this package to find the right fit for every customer. Installation is professional and quick, leaving a nice new drain in place of the old one.

Drains come in various shapes and sizes and pop up in a surprising number of places around the home and at work. We’re most used to seeing those right under our noses, in the kitchen and bathroom sinks. They’re an essential component for whisking away waste water to be received through the greater drainage system. There are others at work however, that we may not spot or even think about until a problem brings them to our immediate attention. Primarily, these are situated around a building with the intention of steering away any liquid from the bricks and mortar protecting us. Soggy bricks means instability and generally leads to expensive repairs. That’s why it pays to install good quality drains and grates in the right place.

French drains are one type that commonly keep our foundations dry, consisting of perforated pipe lengths laid in a trench of gravel. Surface water seeps down through this and can be shuttled off away from the foundations. Equally, a drainage basin might be the solution for you depending on your particular property type and location.

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