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Often the first sign of a blocked drain is dirty water failing to drain away. By this point the blockage is usually firmly in place, preventing any further draining and causing quite a problem. In the majority of homes your hygiene and washing devices will funnel water into one waste pipe. When you use your sinks, shower or toilet the water goes on to be treated and cleaned by the local water authority. If your pipes are backing up however, you may well notice bad smells and very soon a collection of waste water.

To prevent further problems it’s wise to get this sorted hastily. In some instances stray objects block the pipes, or quite simply a build-up of debris over time. Outdoor drains are no different, and your property might find this a regular issue if you have trees shedding their leaves each Autumn. Roots and other natural materials can easily matt together preventing surface water reaching the correct underground channels.

In these serious cases caustic soda and vinegar don’t usually cut it. A family home takes a huge amount of liquid down the drain and every now and again they need some professional help. Whether you’ve noticed the symptoms early or are facing a flooded kitchen floor, Blockbusters are experts in the field. High pressure water jetting can blast through stubborn plugs of fat and grease. Our tools can even remove obstacles out in the garden if roots are the cause, and we offer helpful advice for future maintenance.

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