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Unblocking drains and servicing pipework takes us all over the South of England, but we’re especially lucky to work in Kent. Many of our customers both new and with us for years, hail from this sought after county.

Being relatively close to London makes it popular with commuters who want something a bit greener when they look outside the window. For our team, it’s great that we’re able to help a wealth of home and business owners in such a diverse region. We can offer you solutions for irrigation, drainage and plumbing.

What makes Kent so notoriously quaint is the number of small towns. Home to the smallest town in Britain (Fordwich), it’s no exaggeration to speak of the local feeling that charms visitors. It’s name doesn’t give much away, with the origin found in the Celtic word ‘Cantus’ which simply means ‘border’. In reality, it’s far more than the sum of it’s borders with four neighbouring counties.

Where it meets the North Sea there are stunning views to be had and a coastline that attracts tourists year round. Our experience in sorting out drainage problems is extensive and we ensure that wherever you’re based one of our fleet vehicles can get to you quickly. From the rising hills of the Kent Downs to the cliffs of Dover, we make it our aim to solve your issue efficiently.

If you’re wondering what makes this such a special place then you might not realise some of the famous places it incorporates. The University of Canterbury is high on the list, set amongst cobbled streets and slanted buildings with history dating back to Elizabethan times. For those with a historical interest, you may well like to know of the 26 castles housed in Kent.

These range from ruins we might pass on a typical day on the road, right through to those we could be lucky enough to visit should the owner spring a leak! Although known for it’s traditional industry of coal mining, these days it’s better known as ‘The Garden of England’. This name comes from it’s strong relationship with agriculture built up around the fertile land, which mainly sways towards fruit growing given the climate. What you might not know is that it’s also the main area in the UK for hazelnut production.

Although our dedicated engineers see water almost every day in our line of work, there are some who seek it out just for enjoyment. Someone after a view of the sea could do worse than the stunning cliffs of Folkestone, where on a clear day France can even be seen.

The Strait of Dover separates us from Europe and our coastline plays host to numerous ports and warships who use this waterway. Julius Caesar is said to have thought that the most civilised British people lived in Kent, and once you meet the Blockbusters staff we think you’ll be inclined to agree with him. Listening to your requirements and creating a positive, satisfying outcome is what we’re all about.

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