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LOCAL CALL RATE 0800 0689282

We’ve all been there – head in hands whilst water gushes across the floor. Blocked drains aren’t something most people think about until their feet are getting wet. It’s hard to know what’s going on beneath your sink and bath but when the flow is going the wrong way you’ll certainly want to find out. Our expert team of trained drainage engineers can get you out of a plumbing disaster when you need us most. Your private sewers are our speciality, so if it’s within your property boundary we can assess and solve the dilemma you’re facing.

Our location in South East England provides us access to customers all over this beautiful area. Close enough to London for all the famous attractions but far enough away that you can escape to the coast, it’s a great place to live and work. For many of our clients, the rolling countryside of this region provides the perfect place to raise a family or perhaps enjoy a peaceful retirement. Either way, our specialist service gives you peace of mind for when drains don’t behave quite the way you want them to. Being close by means we’ll get to you quickly and when emergency strikes, this can be vital.

Burst water pipes are a typical call-out we encounter, especially during a cold winter. Despite our best interests, sometimes the insulation we have fails on us. Pipes wrapped in foam are a common sight but occasionally the frost finds it’s way in any how. Once the liquid inside those tubes freezes it’s only a matter of time before they are forced apart by expanding ice.

The build up of pressure is what creates that sudden moment of eruption that any homeowner dreads. Our job is to take away that worry, as we can both prepare your system for bad weather and also repair the damage if the worst should happen. Our 24 hour emergency call out service means that day or night, we can be on our way. Having the largest fleet of vans servicing this area makes us the right people to call when things go up the spout.

In a part of the country where parks and outdoor activities are a big factor, we’re used to helping customers in rural environments. With the River Thames not far away, our work takes us up to London and back down again to Brighton & Hove. Blocked drains don’t discriminate depending on your location so neither do we. The nerve-wracking sound of a gurgling sink should never be ignored, and our advice is to act sooner rather than later.

An unpleasant squelching noise when you want water to drain away might indicate a serious blockage and will only get worse if left untreated. Whether you discover the issue at home or in the office, bad smells are telling you there’s a problem in the plumbing. Before it turns into the ugly scenario of an overflowing toilet or bubbling sewer cover, give us a call to get things moving again.

We service the following counties:

These are our main service areas, if your area does not appear in this list please call us free on 0800 0689282 to find out if we have engineers in your area.

Blockbusters are a Buy With Confidence – Trading Standards approved service, all our work is fully guaranteed and we follow all the latest industry accreditations and regulations to give you piece of mind that every job we work on will be of the highest quality.

If you have a blocked drain or an need emergency plumber in the South East, UK book a callout online today for 10% discount or if you just need some advice on what to do next give us a call free on 0800 0689282

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